When you move into a new home, you realise that you have to allocate a certain amount of money and other resources to keep up with repairs and replacements. You have a number of different appliances and other mechanical components within the house, and the largest, most complex of these is the air conditioning system. When these are installed, they are designed to last a certain number of years, but they will require replacement during the lifespan of your house. So what do you need to be looking out for in order to determine whether repairs or replacement are necessary?

Being Aware

Firstly, you need to use all of your senses to alert you to any impending problems. Certain signs will dictate whether you need to repair, or even replace.

What's That Smell?

For example, if you notice a very strange odour that seems to stick around even after the unit has been on for a while, check this out. It could be as simple as a filter that needs to be replaced, but it could also mean that the unit hasn't been cleaned properly for some time. This cleaning extends to all the ducting, as well. Have a quick look by taking off one of the grills, and you'll soon determine what's going on.

Excessive Noise

If the system seems to be particularly loud, it could be that the fan has stopped working. It could also mean that something inside the system has worked its way loose or, once again, that there is excess dirt internally. It could be time for a full service and cleaning.


There is an outlet in the back garden that allows for condensation to be eliminated, and you will often see water dripping from this point. However, you shouldn't see any evidence of moisture inside the house, and this will invariably indicate that something is wrong with the unit.

Consistency and Billing

The other thing you should be looking out for is consistency. The temperature should not vary between different rooms, so if you notice that one room is too hot and the other one doesn't seem to be cooling at all, it's likely that the entire unit is on its last legs. This type of inefficiency is likely to manifest itself in your energy bills, as well. If the first bill that you receive leaves you reeling, bring in an expert for an energy audit to see what's going on.

When It Gets Overwhelming

Finally, if you start encountering a number of different issues with the system and find that you're having to repair it more often than not, it'll probably be more economical to fit a brand-new unit. Bring an air conditioning repairs expert in to help you decide.