One of the main reasons why people prefer overlocker sewing machines as compared to other models is its ability to sew four or five threads at the same time. It is a huge benefit because it increases the speed at which tasks are completed. However, there is more to these overlocker sewing machines than just the ability to stitch fast and effectively. However, even with the best care and maintenance, overlocker sewing machines do wear out with time. Here, are the three tips which you can follow to troubleshoot and repair a broken overlocker machine.

When the needles are unthreading

One of the most common signs of trouble with an overlocker machine is when the needles start unthreading. At first, you may notice that one of the needles is unthreading, but in other cases, both needles could be affected by the problem. The problem with unthreading needles is that they ruin your focus during the stitching, and it can be very irritating when you lose your focus. You can manage the problem by ensuring that you leave a tail of a thread at the start of the sewing process, but repairing the overlocker will resolve the unthreading permanently.

When the fabric will not stay still

Overlocker machines are preferred over other machine types because they can hold the fabric and stitch it in place. This is true for fabrics made of sturdy materials as well as those made from elastic materials. However, when the overlocker has a problem, the fabric will keep sliding off the position. This will compromise the positioning of the stitches and the entire design. You can check whether there is a severe problem with your overlocker by placing your foot on the foot presser and checking whether it stays in place when you have put down the presser. If it does not, then maybe the overlocker needs repair.

When the stitches are uneven

Another common problem with the overlocker is when you stitch, but the outcome is uneven. It mostly happens when the thread tension is not appropriate. Regulating the tension corrects the problem, but if the machine has a problem, regulation will not work.

Other problems which are familiar with overlocker machines include unthreading of the looper, gathering lint and broken needles. All these need an expert in overlocker repair and maintenance to look at them and correct them. Proper maintenance and repair increase the length of time that a machine will serve you.