A cold room is an essential investment for any food business that needs ample cold storage space. But like any other purchase, buyers need to carefully think through what type of product they will need, as not all cold rooms are created equal. If you run a food outlet, here is a look at a number of top factors you will need to ponder over so that you can choose a cold room that's right for your business.

Total volume of space available for the appliance

Cold rooms require adequate space for installation. The total space you have available at your commercial premises will determine the size and type of cold room that you'll need to install. The larger the size of your space, the bigger the size of the cold room that can be installed, generally speaking. You simply have to decide how much of the total available space you want to turn into cold storage space, which in turn, depends upon how much you will need to store. 

Space-specific conditions

Generally speaking, most cold rooms are available as modular units designed to match specific dimensions in order to make installation work easier. Modular cold rooms are ideal for commercial spaces that are regular-shaped. However, for businesses with irregularly configured spaces, a customised product will be required. 

Energy performance of the product model you wish to buy

Cold rooms have the potential to use up large quantities of energy and result in high energy bills. For that reason, it is critical that you find out the energy rating of the cold room model you're interested in. Generally speaking, the higher the energy rating of a product model, the more likely it is that the model will use up less energy.

Product features desired

Some cold room features like temperature control and heat resistance are standard, while others like flooring and thicker insulation may be application-specific. Special features tend to cost more but do efficiently keep down life cycle costs over time. Therefore, businesses should consider the longevity of a cold room vis-à-vis the initial capital investment. As the features add up, the more money cold room users will have to part with, in general.

The surest way to ensure that you purchase the right cold room for your food business is to ask an experienced site surveyor to perform a site analysis, so as to assess your exact cold storage needs.